The Pay Performers movement aims to effectively implement the new remuneration right from the EU into national law


Our #PayPerformers campaign plays a role in making sure member states comply to the transposition of the directive and secure "appropriate and proportionate remuneration" for all performers. 


You can contact the #PayPerformers campaign at ​

The #PayPerformers campaign is managed by C8 Associates on behalf of CMOs, unions, performer organisations as well as AEPO-ARTIS who finances the campaign.

List of Partners Organisations


Belgium – PLAYRIGHT – Anastasia Chaidron

Croatia – HUZIP – Paolo Sfeci, Mario Kapetanic & Kristina Delfin

Denmark – Danish Musician's Union – Morten Madsen

Estonia – EEL – Urmas Ambur

France – SPEDIDAM – Guillaume Damerval & Benoît Galopin

Greece – Apollon – Grigoris Lambrianidis

Hungary – EJI – Pal Tomori (Board Member)

Ireland – RAAP – Eanna Casey

Italy – ITSRIGHT – Gianluigi Chiodaroli & Livia Ferraro

Lithuania – AGATA – Martyna Gudaite-Gulbieniene

Netherlands – NORMA – Joey Cramer

Poland – STOART - Agnieszka Parzuchowska-Janczarska

Portugal – GDA – Eduardo Simoes

Romania - CREDIDAM - Stefan Gheorghiu & Alina Dragusin

Slovenia – AIPA – Gregor Stribernik

Spain – AIE – José Luis Sevillano (Board Member), Alvaro Hernandez-Pinzon & Paloma Lopez

Sweden – SAMI – Stefan Lagrell (Board Member)

UK - British Equity Collecting Society (BECS)

UK - Musicians Union (MU)


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