Most performers receive less than €1k a year from streaming, even when their tracks are played more than 100k times.

We are asking for a remuneration right managed by our collective management organisations.


PayPerformers Facebook Feed

With concerts on hold, it’s abundantly clear that most musicians can’t live off streaming income alone. With #PayPerformers we are working to fix the system and ensure that performers receive fair and equitable remuneration from streaming services via a new right granted by the new Copyright Directive from the EU.


Performer, Slovenia

In light of the revenues these platforms generate, the fact that we do not receive a fair remuneration from them is tantamount to a criminal act.

Performer, Sweden

We must adapt the legislation to current technology. Since the majority of listening takes place through streaming today, it is strange that we as studio musicians do not receive any compensation at all from streaming, when we do receive compensation from radio.

Performer, Belgium

If you want artists to receive a fair and proportionate remuneration for the online distribution of their performances, a remuneration right to be collected by the management companies is the only guarantee.