Remuneration for Performers

The objective of the Copyright Directive from the EU is partly to ensure that performers receive fair and equitable remuneration from streaming services 

It is formally known as Directive 2019/790 EU and Article 18 specifically gives an additional right for performers to receive remuneration directly from users, i.e. streaming platforms.

This new right tackles the unfair distribution of streaming money as shown in the chart on the right.

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List of Resources
  • The Principle of Appropriate and Proportionate Remuneration of Art.18 Digital Single Market Directive: Some Thoughts for its National Implementation (September 1, 2020) by Raquel Xalabarder. Available here.

  • An overview of Spain: The First Member State to Implement the Remuneration Right for Streaming Spanish Precedent. Download the report here.

  • Performer Survey Results. Download the full report here.

  • UK Culture Committee Submission. Download the full submission here.

  • Public Submission AIE – DCMS Select Committee Call for Evidence: Economics of Music Streaming. Access the public submission here.

  • The German transposition of the EU Copyright Directive was approved May 20th. You can download a briefing note explaining the content of the law and the text itself in German and English here.

  • The WIPO report studying the 'Artists in the Digital Music Marketplace: Economic and Legal Consideration' is now available and can be downloaded right here.

  • UK MP Kevin Brennan proposes “a new right to fair remuneration” from streaming for musicians in a new bill and suggests the Spanish model. Read more about his proposal here.

Streaming services make up 80% of total recorded music revenues.  Below is the distribution of revenue generated from streaming services every hour:







70% of performers don't believe they will see any remuneration if their right is not managed by their local Collective Management Organisation (CMO)

Based on data from survey conducted by C8 Associates in June and July 2020

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What is a CMO?

CMOs play a central role within the music value chain. They connect thousands of performers with thousands of users who play music in public places. CMOs also help performers receive remuneration for the use of their songs.

CMOs offer a one-stop shop for straightforward licensing. To ensure that they are fair and equitable, the royalties they demand are subject to independent supervision by public bodies such as tribunals. Generally, CMOs operate on a not-for-profit basis.

CMO Process (1).png

How does the unwaivable right work in practice?

(Xalabarder, 2020)