Press Release: Survey confirms performers’ need for Collective Management & Solutions

BRUSSELS, 24 September 2020: The #PayPerformers campaign releases today survey results evaluating performers’ experiences of the streaming market in Europe.


The results are eye opening and demonstrate the trust performers have in their collective management organisations (CMOs) to best serve their interests and to liaise between them and digital platforms.



70% of performers indicate that their collective management and remuneration rights are key elements in protecting them and guaranteeing they are fairly remunerated. Performers’ trust weighs heavily on CMOs; only 12 % trust producers to manage their rights .


Survival has become impossible in the current system.


90% of all performers indicate that the streaming market has given them no meaningful return in income. Survey data shows that performers receive no remuneration or less than €1000/year from streaming services, including very successful performers (streamed over 100k times).



As the COVID 19 crisis caused income from live performance to disappear and revenue from public communication to be critically reduced, performers are now forced to consider leaving their occupations. Musikcentrum in Sweden recently published that one in three musicians is about to leave the profession. Similar figures have also been released by the UK Musicians Union.


Yet streaming is booming and producers are recording increases in digital revenues.


Performers are calling on national legislators to create a sustainable streaming market that values their work for its worth. The 2019 EU Copyright Directive, which is currently being implemented in the EU Member States, provides an opportunity to fix streaming by introducing an unwaivable remuneration right managed by performers’ CMOs.


- The survey was answered by over 5,800 respondents. The results filter out all non-performers.

- 27 countries were represented in the responses. All respondents are EU or UK performers (others are filtered out of the results).

- 90% of all performers indicate receiving no remuneration or less than €1000 per year from streaming services.

- Performers are 6 times more likely to trust their CMOs to manage their rights over their producers

- Most performers earn less than €1000/year, even when streamed over 100k times.


The #PayPerformers campaign calls on Member States to implement article 18 of the 2019 EU Copyright Directive in a meaningful way granting performers an unwaivable remuneration right for on demand uses, managed by CMOs and paid by streaming platforms.


The #PayPerformers campaign is managed by C8 Associates on behalf of AEPO-ARTIS and in collaborations with CMOs, unions and other performer organisations.


You can contact the #PayPerformers campaign at ​. More quotes available upon request - Press Contact:

Olivia de Fouchier