Listen Up - C-BooL's Call For Change

1. Introduce yourself as a performer (nationality, type of performance, length of career …)

My name is Grzegorz Cebula, my artist name is C-BooL. I was born, live and work in Poland. The beginnings of my career date back to 1998, when I started my work as a DJ in local clubs. In 2002 I started working on my first productions in the genre of electronic club music, and since then I have released my productions continuously as C-BooL. I have several music awards in my country, diamond, platinum and gold records for selling singles, and my songs have been at the top of Radio Airplay lists mainly in countries such as Poland and Russia. I perform mainly in my country and have performed in several countries of Western Europe (Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Italy)

2. How present are you on online streaming platforms? (which ones and number of streams)

My work is available on most Streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, deezer, Amazon etc.) and on YouTube. My YouTube channel has 411,000 subscriptions and 320 million views of music videos. On Spotify, my songs have over 50 million views.

3. Have you ever gone viral on any online streaming platform or on social media?

5 of my songs from 2016-2019 went viral - mostly on YouTube. They landed at the top of the "trending" card and their current number of views is in the range of 20-82 million per each music video.

4. Are you satisfied with your remuneration from online platforms? If not, why?

I believe that streaming fees could be higher and the rates for creators for online streaming should be higher. I am not entirely satisfied with the amount of remuneration for making my music available on streaming platforms.

5. Are you a member of a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) and do you want your CMO to manage your streaming rights?

I am a member or have entrusted the rights to my works to three collective management organizations in my country (Poland) - as a performer, I am represented by the SAWP Society.

I believe that collective management organisations should effectively collect the royalties due from streaming services.

6. Do you feel like your government does enough to support performers?

The government's contribution to supporting performers is very negligible and this social and professional group in Poland is actually left on its own, as shown by the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, where performers have been unable to work for almost a year and receive virtually no help from the government

7. Why is the #PayPerformers campaign important to you?

The #PayPerformers campaign is important to me because fair remuneration for performers is essential for their development, improving the quality of their performances, greater creativity and maintaining a decent standard of living.

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