Listen Up - Michał Urbaniak's Call For Change

1. Introduce yourself

My name is Michał Urbaniak. I'm a US/Polish citizen, a jazz musician, band leader, arranger, composer & producer. I have accumulated 60 Years in the music industry and travelled worldwide playing mostly in US, EU & Japan.

2. How present are you on online streaming platforms?

My music is streamed about 2000/times per month on Spotify and on all other platforms.

3. Are you satisfied with your remuneration from online platforms? If not, why?

Not at all! For all of it I’m getting about 25/30 USD$ a month

4. Are you a member of a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) and do you want your CMO to manage your streaming rights?

Yes, I’m a member of STOART and yes, I want STOART to manage my streaming rights.

5. Do you feel like your government does enough to support performers?

No I don't think so at all! That being said, the US Government seems to do more than the Polish one.

6. Why is the #PayPerformers campaign important to you?

Pay Performers campaign seems to be very crucial for the future of music and the well being of all artists/composers/performers. There must be a way to be compensated justly for what we do.

CD&LP Albums are on the decline, so we have to find ways to be professionally paid for our work and creation. I'm looking forward to any new solutions or adjustments in current systems.

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