Looking Back at PayPerformers 2020

Looking Back at PayPerformers 2020

Throughout 2020, the PayPerformers campaign has pushed for a remuneration right for performers managed by our collective management organisations. We strive to make sure the 2019 EU Copyright Directive is properly implemented in Member States by June 2021, ensuring “appropriate and proportionate remuneration” for all performers. Here’s a review of our major milestones.

Streaming Services Strive while Performers Struggle to Survive

PayPerformers highlights how your streaming subscription is not being distributed fairly! Our campaign highlighted how consumers’ subscriptions to online services provides inequitable remuneration to performers. While record labels and streaming services earn most of it, non-features performers including back-up singers and musicians earn nothing!

UK Parliament looks to Spanish Model to Solve Streaming Remuneration Inequalities

This year, #PayPerformers supported our campaign member AIE Sociedad de Artistas when presenting their solution to solving issues with streaming remuneration in front UK Parliament Members at the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee hearing!

PayPerformers Surveys Nearly 7,000 Performers – They Want More!

This year, PayPerformers published astounding survey results based on nearly 7,000 active performers across Europe. One of the key statistics shows that 90% of performers earn less than 1000€/year from streaming! Their solution - Collective Management.

Leading Academic Suggests Collective Management to Ensure Performer Rights

This year, PayPerformers shared findings of leading academic — the best mechanism for an effective remuneration right for performers is collective management!

According to Professor Raquel Xalabarder, governments should implement an unwaivable remuneration right, administered collectively, in order to meet the legal objectives of the Copyright Directive.

Professor Xalabarder is Chair on Intellectual Property at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Spanish Model in Place – Best Way to Ensure Fair and Equitable Remuneration for Performers

"In Spain, the performers have their own voice and can negotiate their own rights. The remuneration right has successfully been implemented in the Spanish Law since 2006 which means performers now receive fair compensation from streaming.” - José Luis Sevillano, Director General @aieartistas

PayPerformers worked hand in hand with key member AIE to highlight how well the current legislation in Spain supports performers – a collectively managed remuneration right.

Read our paper ‘Spain: The First Member State to Implement the Remuneration Right for Streaming.’ on for a detailed insight into how Spain ensures equitable remuneration for performers.

AEPO-ARTIS Supports PayPerformer Campaign in Successful Webinar

This year, the AEPO ARTIS seminar underlined the need for a collectively managed remuneration right! On 17 November 2020, AEPO-ARTIS hosted their annual online seminar entitled “Performers and performers’ rights: How can we create a sustainable creative eco-system in Europe?”. Speakers included EU lawmakers as well as stakeholders and academics from EU Member States. All highlighted the short and long-term plight of performers and called for a coordinated and effective implementation of the 2019 EU Copyright Directive, particularly with regard to Article 18.

Record Labels Are Not Trusted by Performers

This year, our survey polling performers across Europe revealed that 68% of performers trust their CMOs to manage their rights over their record labels. The PayPerformers campaign released survey results evaluating performers’ experiences of the streaming market in Europe. The results were eye opening and demonstrated the trust performers have in their collective management organisations (CMOs) to best serve their interests and to liaise between them and digital platforms.

Find the full report on our website:

European Parliament Group Supports PayPerformers Objectives

In November, the Members of the European Cultural Creators Friendship Group at the European Parliament called on the "European Commission and Member States to take immediate action guaranteeing the effective implementation of Article 18". They underlined "that the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of how important it is to strengthen the situation of authors and performers in Europe, to ensure that they can effectively earn a living from their art, especially from the ever-growing digital market."!

Our Petition for Covid-19 Support Made Change with 19,232 Supporters!

In April, we asked the EU and national governments to help performers survive the crisis by setting up COVID-19 Solidarity Fund for Performers. Due to the crisis, most performers were and still aren’t receiving any revenue from the streaming services. Their income from live performance has suddenly stopped. Following the signature of our petition by nearly 20,000 people, the EU Council issued a declaration on culture in time of COVID 19 crisis. The Ministers of Culture from Member States committed to supporting the cultural sector. This call for support was reiterated by MEPs in September, when members of the CCFG demanded that 2% of the Recovery and Resilience Facility be devoted to the CCS.

Performers Take the PayPerformers Mic to Express Themselves

This year, #PayPerformers gave a platform for performers to express themselves and call for support! Performers from all over Europe used our platform to share about their professional paths and discontent with the current system. We made sure that our campaign was voiced and heard from the ground up!

PayPerformers’ Fight Joined by other Performer Campaigns

A YouGov survey for the #BrokenRecord campaign shows significant public support for streaming reform. It clearly shows that consumers want creators and performers to receive more money from music streaming and will accept higher subscriptions if the system is reformed.

The #BrokenRecord campaign is started by musician Tom Gray in the UK. The #BrokenRecord Campaign began at the beginning of lockdown to highlight market failure in the digital music streaming business. The seriousness on the problem is highlighted by loss of touring income to artists and drop in income to creators from the closure of business premises that play licensed music. Tom Gray, founder of the campaign, is as a founding member of Mercury Prize winning band Gomez and as a composer for TV, theatre and film. He is a board director of PRS For Music, a board director of The Ivors Academy and a Writer-Artist advocate for the Featured Artists Coalition.

PayPerformers Inches Closer to Directive Transposition

The #PayPerformers campaign is an EU-wide movement that aims to make sure Member States implement the 2019 Copyright Directive in the most performer-friendly way before the June 2021 deadline. To us, this means making sure that Article 18 on performer remuneration is transposed through a collectively managed remuneration right.

To this day, our partners in all Member States are ensuring that discussions are being held at the highest level to protect performers. While delays took place because of the COVID crisis, our campaign is still active and performers and CMOs throughout the EU are joining forces to ensure that they earn “appropriate and proportionate remuneration.”

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