MEPs Publish Open Letter in Support of Performers

Members of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group of the European Parliament have published an Open Letter calling on Member States to efficiently transpose Article 18 of the European Copyright Directive to ensure "appropriate and proportionate remuneration" for performers. Almost three years after its adoption, less than 50% of Member States have transposed it, leaving performers in the dark as to the right on a fair remuneration which was promised to them.

Read the full signed letter above or download below:

CCFG letter on Article 18 implementation (2022-03-17)
Download PDF • 501KB

This call follows a meeting held between MEPs and performers on February 9th, 2022 where the group discussed their concerns regarding the implementation of the Copyright Directive that guarantees fair remuneration to the performers. This summit highlighted the current hardship experienced by performers, with MEPs sending an urgent message to Member States that have not yet implemented change to provide proper remuneration to those who are the backbone of their Cultural and Creative sector.

Performers are calling for their governments to transpose Article 18 by implementing a remuneration right with mandatory collective management, a mechanism which has been highlighted by experts as the best solution for performers. It enables them to escape from the pressure caused by the current imbalanced contractual system status quo and to finally earn a living from their work on streaming services.

In April 2019 the European Parliament approved the Copyright Directive (2019/790) as part of the European Digital Strategy making the European Union a global digital player. The most important article for performers in this Directive is without a doubt article 18, which introduces the principle of a fair remuneration. Performers are entitled to an appropriate and proportionate remuneration.

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