#PayPerformers Gives Evidence to UK Culture Committee

The UK Parliament Select Committee responsible for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS Select Committee) is examining the impact of streaming on artists, record labels and the sustainability of the wider music industry. This will inform the UK Parliament on how to ensure fair remuneration for performers. The DCMS Select Committee in particular expressly refers to the 2019 EU Copyright Directive and asks whether they should have an equivalent at UK level. 

As a reminder, following their withdrawal from the European Union, the UK government stated that they will not implement this recent Copyright Directive. This includes Article 18 on fair remuneration for authors and performers. 

The DCMS Select Committee are asking for information on dominant business models and new business features. This presumably includes features such as paid for discovery models recently announced by Spotify as well as - sponsored? - playlists. In our submission, we are putting forward information on equitable remuneration for musicians, including from streaming, in the form of an unwaivable right administered by the collective management organisation. This seems to be the most prominent and easy-to-implement approach to ensure that performers benefit from the success of streaming.  

In our submission, we illustrate this business model by describing how it is applied successfully in Spain since 2006. We also highlight how such a system can and should be put in place in the European Union. 

We hope that the DCMS Select Committee considers our information as a practical example of how to make sure that performers are duly remunerated. Our information encompasses musicians but applies nonetheless to audiovisual performers as well; we are hoping for another inquiry regarding the latter. 

Following the request and reception of written submissions by 16 November 2020, the Select Committee will organise hearings with industry experts, artists and record labels as well as streaming platforms in which we hope to be given the opportunity to provide our point of view.

Link to our submission:

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